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  • Welcome to P1NL

    If you're a new player who loves POPULATION: ONE but hates getting obliterated by sweats all the time, Noob League is for you! We're a non-competition, volunteer-run league designed to encourage learning, friendships, and obtaining the next level of virtual lethality. Sign up to access our private rooms for new adult players up to level 45.

  • How it works



    Fill out a form to sign up and receive email communications.



    Receive a weekly update with room days and times. For planning!



    Just before a room goes live, we'll send the code to access it.

  • More about P1NL

    FYI: We're just getting started, and your participation is crucial to growing and sustaining the league!

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    Am I eligible?

    P1NL is strictly for adult noobs (new players) up to and including level 45. To be clear, you must be at least 18 years old and have never played the game with anything other than your current account/username. If you are suspected of flouting these criteria, you will be removed by the room host.

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    How do the games work?

    P1NL games take place in custom rooms. Roughly 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time, you will receive a room code by email. Enter the code and join the game. In a typical session, we will play four to five games. All games are played on the Evolving Map, and no modifications are made to damage, physics, etc.

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    Why level 45?

    This league is meant to welcome noobs and build community. Once you have progressed beyond level 45, your time playing the game will likely give you an advantage over brand-new players. We want to keep the game as fair, fun, and friendly as possible. But here is some good news: Once you hit level 46, you can become a room host!

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    Are there rules?

    We play by all the rules of the standard game. Beyond that, however, we expect all players to be kind, respectful, and accepting of one another, without exception. Abusive, threatening, or disrespectful speech based on ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, political beliefs, or similar grounds, is cause for immediate removal. Stick to POP: ONE and supporting other players!

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    And ... don't shoot the chicken

    The chicken is your room host. They are in-game to observe and provide feedback. The chicken does not carry guns. Don't shoot the defenseless chicken.